Cool Stuff #TvsZ Players Made

#TvsZ 6.0 is in its final hours, but I can’t help stepping away just to record a few–sadly few!–of the many amazing media artifacts that players have created in the past few days. Here’s a sample, and there’s much much more. What a wealth of imagination, creativity, collective learning to use new tools, networked knowhow, and sheer fun! Enjoy.

Here’s an amazing visualization of the #TvsZ interconnections, via TagsExplorer:

A metaphor to bring all teams together:

 A flipbook to gather team #dragonboVine’s cartoons:

A flipbook to gather the missions and artifacts players created:

A team manifesto made by #teamtech:

A #danceparty video (shared, not made, but still cool):

A #teamdragonbovine cartoon #myth:

The #TvsZ website:

#TvsZ Scoreboard:

One of the development documents we used to build the game:

And here’s a quick, informal post-play discussion among the leaders for #TvsZ 6.0:


One thought on “Cool Stuff #TvsZ Players Made

  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Andrea! This will definitely help us later as we reflect!

    We may need to change google docs to “view only” though?


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